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South Devon Catchment Groups

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YEM is a cooperative of community environmental organisations within the catchment aiming to create wildlife corridors by restoring habitats and creating new ones. They partner with professional NGOs and are supported by the riparian parishes which are  primarily concerned about sewage discharge into the river

The Yealm Alliance is a collaboration between five parish councils which have  declared a "Climate & Ecological Emergency" and established environmental sub-groups, all of whom work with and provide funding to YEM if they are in the Yealm catchment.

River Yealm Water Quality Group” (RYWQG) is a River Yealm PC grouping involving all the 6 Yealm Riparian Parishes of N&N, Wembury, Brixton, Yealmpton, Sparkwell and Cornwood. YEM have been coopted to this group to provide expert advice

PL:21 is a CIO promoting collaborative projects in the postcode region in key areas: food; energy; transport; community; ecology and economy.

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Working in partnership with local residents, other community groups, land managers, regulatory bodies and South West Water, our goal is to take action to protect the river from harmful effects of pollution, put measures in place to reduce further impacts and to restore the river back to its natural state

G-Up is sustainability group to collate ideas and encourage and support action towards making the wider community of Ugborough, Bittaford and the smaller hamlets in the Parish more sustainable

HCE is a subcommittee of the parish council which meets monthly to discuss local issues relating to nature and the environment.

MWAG is affiliated to Modbury Parish Council and is currently working on small-scale biodiversity improvement projects and water quality.

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BBP is a group of local people, parish councils, organisations and businesses, working together to improve: water quality; a wildlife corridor; flooding and drought impacts; and people’s health. Contact organisers

Friends of the Dart  are connecting with a growing community to create real change for the River Dart. The Dart now has four officially designated bathing waters.

ACT helps people and organisations across Teignbridge cut their carbon emissions and wildlife to flourish with support from Wildlife Wardens  in parishes and their Carbon Cutters engagement programme. ACT supports Teignbridge District Council to ensure its climate and ecological emergency declarations are reflected in all its policies, decisions and activities

The Friends of the River Exe have formed several project groups, supporting Citizen Science Investigators observing seagrass meadows and monitoring water quality in the Exe.   FORE has produced reports reviewing the pollution data along the full length of the Exe.

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