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River Avon, River Gara and the Kingsbridge Salcombe Estuary

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Avon River Champions

The ARC was formerly the Aune Conservation Association with more than three decades of involvement in conservation work within the Avon Catchment. Founder members have a wealth of local knowledge to share with the new Avon River Champions. 

Bigbury Net Zero

BNZ provides a platform for neighbouring parishes as well as Bigbury, to join in some fun initiatives aimed at rebuilding habitats and working together be more Carbon Savvy. 

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Avon Fishing Association

AFA members have an intimate knowledge of the health of stretches on the Avon and are part of the River Fly Partnership monitoring at various sites on the Avon.

Habitat Group

The SHHG works to improve the biodiversity of our parishes by the gradual development of a range of sustainable habitats.  Add your wildlife area to their Habitat Map. Learn about their Water Vole Re-introduction project.

Deer Wood Trust

Inspiring, nature-friendly well-being & outdoor learning in Deer Wood with foraging courses, well-being activities and nature-based workshops. The Deer Wood Trust promotes and demonstrates sustainable living. 

Catchment Groups


Hillyfield Woodland Farm

Hillyfield is an award winning 45 acre woodland and organic pasture on the southern edge of Dartmoor National Park, managed for the benefit of the environment and the community.  They promote the restoration of ancient woodland and offer ​volunteer projects workshops, and open days.

Sustainable South Brent

SSB is a well-established community group with a wide range of successful sustainability projects, community compost, community fridge, climate hub, community energy, nature  groups and more.  

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